Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Featured Home at the Coast

I came across this listing in my Realtor® travels recently. I really like this home. Although it is located in Ocean Park, on the Long Beach Peninsula; it faces east and has a view of the Willapa Bay rather than the Ocean. It is still only a mile from the beaches of the mighty Pacific.

What really catches my eye on this property is the very lush and quintessentially Northwest ambiance on the three acres of ground. Ferns and trees, very nice! This home offers a complete Northwest experience and the coastal beach living. It has it all.

The home has two bedrooms and two baths spread out over 2012 square feet of living space, all on one level. It is listed for sale at $495,000. This home is comfortable and luxurious yet has a semi-rustic lodge type feel as well. A nice place to retire too or to play at!

Come enjoy the Coastal Living.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coast Stays Cool

Yesterday was hot and sticky in the metro Portland/Vancouver area with temps buzzing around a hundred degrees and humid conditions. Today will be a little better but still a touch uncomfortable. Meanwhile at the coast things are much cooler. Sure there might be a few sprinkles and maybe even a shower or two, but the temps will stay very comfortable in the mid sixties. Coastal living has its perks.

One of the attractions to living at the coast is the very temperate climate. The weather really doesn't fluctuate that much on temperature. You get long steady streams of mild weather that you can count on. Sure it can be breezy and wet, but it is dependable. In fact the forecast for the next ten days is mid sixties by day and mid fifties by night. Go ahead, set your watch.

The lifestyle is lazy and comfortable and who doesn't like that; at least once in awhile. Out at the coast life is just better. Come on out for a visit and hey, why not buy a house while you're at it :)