Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Featured Coastal Property

Photo from RMLS, modified to suit blog
I haven't done a featured property in awhile so why not today? What a great break from this presidential election grind.

Today I am featuring a listing I found on the local MLS for a fabulous condo with amazing ocean views. This is listed by Mary from Long Beach Realty which is not affiliated with my company. The MLS# is 16588153.

Photo from RMLS, modified to suit blog
This condo has a 180 degree view of the ocean which is less than a half mile away. You will hear the ocean and see the ocean from this 1000 SF condo. This is a third floor unit and the complex is perched up on a small hill giving an expansive view.

This unit has 1 bedroom and 1.5 baths. It can be rented out, but not as a vacation rental as stays must exceed thirty days. It is very spacious and offers a balcony.

Photo from RMLS, modified to suit blog
This could be an ideal getaway second home or a wonderful place to retire. It is a short ten minute walk to the beach via an access trail.

Don't let the one bedroom throw you off, this is a big unit with 1000 SF. If we assume the bedroom suite is 200 square feet that leaves a spacious 800 squares of general living area and there are many 3 bedroom homes here in the 'Couv' that have less general living area than that.

Google Earth View
Since this is a top level unit, it has soaring vaults and skylights to add to the cavernous feel with a light and bright appeal. This type of unit is not for everyone as one bedroom does limit the use a bit. But for someone that doesn't need to sleep more than two people, this is hard to beat and what an amazing view and fabulous location. This home is in Seaview which is just south of Longview and north of Ilwaco, WA. This home is much closer to Astoroia, OR and Longview, WA than the many homes offer further up the peninsula. Location, location, location, right?

Photo from RMLS, modified to suit blog
I really like this unit. According to the listing, the seller is offering the property, fully furnished. This is great for someone considering a second home or personal vacation homes as it is ready to occupy without the additional expense of buying furnishings.

This property is listed for sale at $237,000.

As I was searching the MLS I found dozens of excellent homes, some condos, some detached, and all priced very nicely. 2 bed 2 bath homes near the beach in the low 200s is not hard to find right now on the Long Beach Peninsula. If the coast has been a dream, now is a great time to take advantage of crazy low interest rates before the Fed meets after the election and possibly starts a slow series of increases in the rates.

This is yet another example of the fantastic opportunities available along the amazing Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest Washington State..

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Retire to the Beach!

I write a retirement blog in which I offer advice and information to retirees looking to relocate to Washington State. That blog can be seen here. In that blog you can find a multitude of reasons to retire to the 'Evergreen State'.

Many retirees also find coastal areas to be a desirable spot to live. Many of the reasons that younger people can't really live on either the Oregon or Washington Coast is the lack of non-tourist cities. There isn't a whole lot of industry producing jobs on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. There is the fishing industry and the tourist industry providing the bulk of job opportunities. Retirees however are not typically concerned with job opportunities, after all, they are 'retired' right?

The lack of high paying jobs along the Southwest Washington Coast has aided in keeping real estate prices lower than Portland-Vancouver as the bulk of sales is to retirees and vacation home purchases. Retirees are often attracted to value home pricing as they tend to seek low monthly expenses on a fixed retirement income.

The coast is a beautiful place that offers year round moderate weather. In fact Long Beach, Washington only averages about 1-2 inches of snow per year about 1/5 the average for Vancouver, Washington or Portland, OR. Generally in most years there is no sticking snow at the beach. There are occasional storms that are chilly enough to dump a pile of snow and that creates a measurable average. Generally snow by year looks something like 0,0,0,0,7,0,0... When it does snow it doesn't stick around very long. The coast is just too warm for sustained snow cover. generally retirees prefer warmer and little or no snow and in the Pacific Northwest, the coast delivers.

Retiring the the Southwest Washington Coast is a very good idea. Value pricing on real estate, gorgeous coastal scenery, and mild weather. What's not to love?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hot Cars at the Beach!

Hot cars and the beach, at the same time? Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is possible and in fact it will be happening this weekend in Ocean Park on the Long Beach Peninsula. Check out the Beach Barons website for explicit details.

Labor Day is in the rear view mirror and the waning days of summer are upon us. there is a bit of crispness in the morning air, you know, that tell-tale sign that autumn is lurking about. Once of the great things about the coast is the relatively level range of climate. The winters are a little warmer and the summers are a little cooler so the transitions are not quite as abrupt as they are here in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area.

The beach continues to be a great place to visit well into the autumn. I am a car lover and car shows like this weekend's 33rd annual 'Rod Run to the End of the World' is a fun excuse to get to the coast. While you're out there check out some real estate. The Long Beach Peninsula continues to be a great value on coastal properties. Owning your own beach house for under $150k is a real thing!

Be sure to check the previous posts on this blog to see some of the amazing real estate ops on the Washington Coast. Meanwhile, see you at the beach!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Olympic Coast

One of the best kept secrets in Washington State is the Olympic Coast. It is quite surprising how many people do not realize that the Olympic National Park includes a large portion of the Central and Northern Coast.

The status as a National Park has left the coastline pristine. It is truly a wonder to behold this unmolested stretch of rugged coastline. The thick temperate rain forests of Western Washington come right down to the beaches. The advantage of a temperate rain forest is the lack of insects large enough to carry away the family dog. The disadvantage is that you won't be enjoying the coastal cabana in 85 degree weather very often.

I spent a week camping in Olympic National Park years ago when the kids were young, including a stint on the coast. It was truly remarkable and worthy of any 'bucket' list. The Olympic National Park's western side is the wettest place in the continental 48 states and among the wettest areas on the planet. Although locations in Hawaii and India are the Rain Kings of Planet Earth with 450 plus inches of rain every year, the windward side of Olympic National Park has areas approaching 300 inches a year. That is better than eight times the annual rainfall received in Seattle on the leeward side of the Olympic mountains.

All of that delicious rain creates the temperate rain forest and it is truly beautiful. When joined by the spectacular cliffs and rugged terrain of the Washington Coast the views are nothing short of breath taking.

This protected status of course has created a scenario where a huge portion of Washington's coast is not able to be lived on. One might expect that to drive the prices of real estate skyward on the southern portion of the coast, yet the Long Beach peninsula remains a coastal bargain. Call it a proximity issue or a lack of awareness, it is essentially a bit of both. It is the coastal deal of the century none-the-less. Oregon spends millions on national ad campaigns to get tourists to their coast which is admittedly very tourist friendly. The Southwest Washington Coast is 115 miles from Portland and places like Canon Beach, OR are only about 80. Seattle residents need to travel 170 miles.

But none of it compares to the grandeur of nature that is the Washington Olympic Coast. Even in the summer months the beaches of the Olympic National Park are relatively free of crowds. When you visit be sure to actually read the placards at the beach entrances as the feds are quite serious about their rules for the beaches. Rules and regs aside, waste not your time and visit this gorgeous seaside sanctuary soon.

Kyle on the Left is a PFC in the US Army and Nolan on the Right is a Senior at Central Washington University


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beach House Deals!

I have two ends of the spectrum for today's look at beach house deals! I saw one listing for a small detached house just a block from the beach, priced at a modest $100,000. I also saw another gorgeous beachfront home quite nicely appointed all things considered, at a reasonable $519k. These are just two of the sweet beach house deals I saw on the MLS this morning.

Starting on the bargain end of things, The listing at $100k is a pretty small home. 576 square feet with two bedrooms and a 3/4 bath. But the home is less than a block from the beach entrance! What a great opportunity for a getaway home! It is situated on a 100x50 foot lot, which is a classic city lot. I still find it hard to believe that one can buy a house a block from the beach for a hundred grand.
It may not look like much but there are many cars that people buy that cost more than this little house and it's practically on the beach. This could be the family getaway or an investment opportunity.

This one is located in the Klipsan Beach area on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park, WA.

I love great deals and this is certainly a fabulous bargain.

The next home I found interesting was this 2789 square foot home backing to the beach! This lot is 55 feet wide and goes all the way to mean high tide. You own a piece of the Pacific Coastline and the lot is 452 feet deep. This home features three bedrooms and one full bath and a couple of 3/4 baths and a half bath. This home is also in Ocean Park, WA on the Long Beach Peninsula.

This could be a full time house for someone looking to live the Coastal Dream. Or it could be an investment as an upscale beach house rental. I like it because it is priced well. Listed at just $519,000 it is a relative value.  

Look at the huge wrap around deck looking out over the mighty Pacific Ocean. A nice 55 foot wide lot and a 400 foot trail through the dunes to the beach all yours!

The Washington Coast continues to offer an amazing value in beach front property and if you have always dreamed of living at the coast or having a getaway vacation property, now is as good as ever to grab a deal at the beach.

Although I write this blog for fun beach info, I am a licensed Realtor® in Washington State and would be happy to deliver information on these and other listings on the coast.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Glorious Beach Months Ahead!

Originally posted as "Drive on the Beach at Least Once in Your Life " March 2nd, 2014

From the Long Beach City Website
How many states can boast that they have a state hwy that is not just on the beach but IS the beach! Washington is one such state that can make that claim. Driving on Long Beach is not as easy as it seems. Often the entrances have loose sand that cars with low clearance can easily get stuck in. Once you are past the soft sand at the entrance is is pretty easy to drive on the hard packed sand closer to the water. As mentioned above this is an official state highway and that mean troopers will write you a ticket for exceeding the 25 mph speed limit or any reckless driving. They are quite serious about it and the fine are HUGE so drive safe.

Driving on the beach. Circa 2006
There is much to do in Long Beach. Adults and children alike can enjoy this great coastal retreat. The best part about it is the ability to purchase your own home to live in or vacation at for a reasonably price.

You can check out this website info about the Long Beach Peninsula and driving on the beach here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beach Real Estate is Calm and Cool

For those looking to the coast for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it will surely deliver. When you get to that point where you want a more permanent coastal arrangement, it remains a calm and cool climate. Although the market for real estate on the SW Washington coast is enjoying a robust upward tendency, it is not the frantic and fever pitch nightmare for buyers that they might find in Vancouver or Portland.

Relaxing at the coast includes relaxing a little while you look at properties. There are still relatively good values on everything from Condos to beach houses to manufactured homes on a lot. $200,000 will still buy a nice little place at the beach!

Your 200k isn't likely to land you a 2000 sf foot house with the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against you property line; but it will get you close to the beach in a little two or three bedroom home just a few blocks away. That my friends is awesome!

Now that spring is firmly entrenched get out to the Washington Coast and enjoy the fresh salty air and peek at the real estate deals.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'm on the Gulf Coast This Week!

My wife and I visited my son who is in the Army, at Fort Polk, LA over the weekend. Since we traveled all the way to Louisiana we figured a ride along the Gulf Coast was in order. We we in New Orleans yesterday and today and we are on our way to Pensacola Beach, Florida for a couple of days sand and sun :)

One thing for sure it is a lot warmer on the Gulf Coast than it ever is on the Washington Coast. The water temperature is in the upper 70s and the air temp is in the 80s. Nice, Huh?

Our Washington Coast is still prettier with the towering trees, rugged coastline and mossy green. I'll be back next time with a spring review for our beautiful Washington Coast :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sunset Likes Long Beach

This month I offer up this link to a fine piece on winter in Long Beach from Sunset magazine. A good read...

Sunset article by Ted Katauskas

"Within easy reach of Portland and Seattle, Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula is arguably one of the most visited oceanfront spots in the Northwest. In the summer, that is, when elbow-to-elbow crowds jostle for a glimpse of Jake the Alligator Man, and traffic idles bumper-to-bumper on the “World’s Longest Beach” (as an iconic, if not quite accurate, sign proclaims). In the off-season, though, this windswept peninsula—from the mouth of the Columbia River to the oyster-rich Willapa Bay—is all yours. As empty and awesome as the clear, cold day in 1805 when explorer William Clark declared, “Ocian in view! O! the joy"

O! the joy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Golf Living at the Beach

Many people like to golf and who doesn't want a house on the golf course? Surfside Golf Course on the Long Beach Peninsula has a whole community of of homes around it including this one listed at $165,000. 2 beds and a den on the golf course and just a few blocks from the mighty Pacific Ocean?

That's the stuff of dreams right there. The Southwest Washington Coast offers the opportunity to own a home for a very reasonable price as it has been somewhat sheltered from the puffed up pricing in the Portland and Seattle area real estate markets.

Right now interest rates remain very low, but more and more economists are coming to the conclusion that these historic low rates will begin creeping up as early as this spring. Now could be the golden moment of opportunity to secure and piece of the beach for a low price with a really low interest rate. One could keep it as a vacation home then retire in it when ready to settle down. Knock, knock... who's there? Opportunity... Opportunity who? Just opportunity, no joke.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snow on the Beach?

The Washington coast does get snow on occasion but not as often as the Portland or Seattle areas. last weekend a minor snow event occurred in the Portland area but the coast was all rain for the most part. If you have always wanted to walk on a snowy beach with the waves crashing and all that winter wonderland about, timing will be critical. The NW Oregon and SW Washington coastline is just a tad too warm for snow most of the time. When it does snow however, it can be a significant event. The coast gets much more precipitation than the inland areas and so if it is falling as snow it can be heavy.

from Long Beach Peninsula Website
The beach is beautiful all year round, but a snowy beach is just magical. Those of you that have spent anytime in the North Eastern US or Alaska know how awesome the coastline is when covered in the winter blanket. Here is the Pacific Northwest the coastline generally endures rain with few intrusions from winter weather.

If you want to see the wonders of a snowy coastline in Washington, you will have to be prepared to wait for the opportunity and pounce when it arrives. It will mostly likely be fleeting.

That's all I have for you this time; I'll be back next month.