Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holidays at the Beach

December is here and the holidays are here too. The coast can be a great deal of fun during the month of December. Sometimes you can even walk on a snow covered beach. If you are looking for a getaway this year take a trip to the Long Beach Peninsula and enjoy the winter with the awesome Pacific Ocean as your travel mate.

I am going to keep this blog post extra short and refer you to the Long Beach Visitors site for information on beach activities for December.

Holidays at the Beach

Happy Holidays to all of you and I'll be back again in the New year :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Less than 150k at the Beach? Yes!

I am highlighting two properties this time that represent great opportunities on the Long Beach Peninsula. First, take a look at this little charming cottage. Is this not the quintessential American beach house? This one has 868 square feet with 2 beds and 1 bath. It is about a 1/3 mile from the beach. It is listed a mere $127,500. It is really cute on the inside as well. This is not a poor condition property. This little charmer could be a permanent residence, rental or vacation home. This home is a short one block stroll to the market/deli. 

I also found this top floor condo that is right on the beach! This unit is 2 beds and 1,5 baths with 965 square feet and ocean views. It is listed at just $139,500. I have featured units in this complex in the past. This would make a great vacation rental. The complex has all the amenities a vacationer would want! This facility is located in Long Beach and is close to shopping and did I mention, it is on the beachfront?

So check out these great opportunities at the coast, or just come out and watch the storms roll in.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn at the Coast

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. At the coast the weather can be very mild during the fall months. Sometimes warmer and more pleasant than the inland areas of Portland and Vancouver. Although the brilliant fall foliage is more muted at the coast the weather is not. This can be a great time to enjoy mild or cool sunny days walking the beach or wonderful nights watching those first fall storms bring fury to the shoreline.

This weekend the Peninsula Fall arts show will bring artists and fans alike to the coast you can read more on the Long Beach website here.

The following weekend brings the 30th annual Water Music Festival so you can enjoy wonderful music at intimate venues. More information here.

October will also bring the 'Cranberrian Fair', Oktoberfest and One world Kite Celebration. There is much to do and see at the coast.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ocean Front under 200k? Believe it!

I was wandering about on the multiple listing service and stumbled upon this interesting and fantastic property. It is a lovely 1930s cottage with a two bedrooms and a bath. The living area totals 728 square feet. It is an absolutely charming little house that appears to have been very well kept.

The strange thing about this house however is the property on which it sits. The home sits on a 1.5 acre lot that is only 40 feet wide. Barely wide enough for the house. The lot extends more than 1600 feet to the beach. This is true beach front property.

The pink colored lot is the lot and house for sale, from Pacific, County Mapsifter
Like the headline says, this home is under $200k; in fact it is listed for just $189,900. Sure it is just a cottage but it is a tidy little house and it has beach front access! Sure it's only 40 feet of beach front but it's still beachfront! This house is in the city of Long Beach, Washington. It is very close to the Columbia River, Ilwaco, WA Astoria, OR. This is not way up on the peninsula. Long Beach hosts a variety of events every year and has a charming, classic American beach town setting.

I never cease to be amazed at the beach-side opportunities here in the Evergreen State. This property offers up retirees or families seeking a vacation home something they can afford from the middle class rather than the wealthy class. We have some of the best coastal living in America, and sometimes it's even a bargain!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Featured Home at the Coast

I came across this listing in my Realtor® travels recently. I really like this home. Although it is located in Ocean Park, on the Long Beach Peninsula; it faces east and has a view of the Willapa Bay rather than the Ocean. It is still only a mile from the beaches of the mighty Pacific.

What really catches my eye on this property is the very lush and quintessentially Northwest ambiance on the three acres of ground. Ferns and trees, very nice! This home offers a complete Northwest experience and the coastal beach living. It has it all.

The home has two bedrooms and two baths spread out over 2012 square feet of living space, all on one level. It is listed for sale at $495,000. This home is comfortable and luxurious yet has a semi-rustic lodge type feel as well. A nice place to retire too or to play at!

Come enjoy the Coastal Living.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coast Stays Cool

Yesterday was hot and sticky in the metro Portland/Vancouver area with temps buzzing around a hundred degrees and humid conditions. Today will be a little better but still a touch uncomfortable. Meanwhile at the coast things are much cooler. Sure there might be a few sprinkles and maybe even a shower or two, but the temps will stay very comfortable in the mid sixties. Coastal living has its perks.

One of the attractions to living at the coast is the very temperate climate. The weather really doesn't fluctuate that much on temperature. You get long steady streams of mild weather that you can count on. Sure it can be breezy and wet, but it is dependable. In fact the forecast for the next ten days is mid sixties by day and mid fifties by night. Go ahead, set your watch.

The lifestyle is lazy and comfortable and who doesn't like that; at least once in awhile. Out at the coast life is just better. Come on out for a visit and hey, why not buy a house while you're at it :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Upscale Coastal Living

I came across this listing today in the RMLS for a property in Ocean Park. This is a fabulous 3400 plus SF home is situated on a large 15,000 foot lot with stunning views of the beach and the mighty Pacific Ocean. This is grand coastal living with spacious accommodations and beach access.

I love featuring properties at the coast. I have shown some affordable condos and mobile homes within in a couple of blocks of the beach at less than $125k. Every now and again it's nice to dream big.

This modern style cape cod has all the beach charm without giving up the metro amenities. The listing is priced at $699k and that would be a decent price for house this big in a garden variety neighborhood in Portland or Vancouver. This one is on the beach however and that makes the price amazing.

I would love to be able to enjoy the fabulous Long Beach Peninsula in this fantastic home and I am sure you would too. Today it is toasty warm in Vancouver with the mercury teasing the 90 mark. meanwhile it is a gorgeous sunny day with a nice cool 65 on the thermometer.

 So get out to the coast and soak up some summer weather at the beach. Poke around at some real estate while you are there. Who knows, maybe your dream property is waiting for you. You never know and your won't find out till you take a ride west.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Featured Coastal Home

Every once in a while I like to post a listed house that is active out on the coast. I have found this property in in Ocean Park for just $250,000. This home is 5 blocks from the beach and features more than 1700 square feet of living space.

Coastal living in Washington state is affordable and fabulous. Imagine taking a stroll along the beach with the mighty Pacific Ocean crashing against the sand.

This fantastic property was built in 1995 and is in great shape. This house would be this price in the 'Couv' in a garden variety neighborhood. This is the beach my friends, the beach! I love the Washington Coast.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hot Inland Today, Cooler at the Coast!

Today Long Beach enjoyed a nice low 80 degree day while Portland and Vancouver we sizzlin' under an angry sun in the upper nineties. Yes, I said UPPER 90s. Days like this makes Coastal Living so nice. It is hard to beat the Beach when you are trying to beat the heat.

This weekend is of course the Fourth of July and this year could be a great year for people to get out and experience fireworks on the beach. Long Beach puts on a great show and this year should be no different. While you are out at the coast enjoying our celebration of independence, check out the local Real Estate scene. Talk to Tom and Cathy Rowe and tell them Rod sent you.

Have a safe and sane 4th and enjoy the Coastal Living; even if it is just for a weekend.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer is upon us!

Summertime is upon us. The sun is out late and the temps are warming up. Soon people will flock to the cool seashore by the thousands. You may be among them. The coast typically enjoys a cooler and breezier climate in the summer. When those east winds blow and that heat is on in the 'Couv' the temperatures at the coast are often perfect.

When our first summer heat wave hits be sure to come out and visit the Long Beach Peninsula and while your there check out the amazing homes for sale. Maybe you can become apart of the "coastal living".

Here are some upcoming events...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reverse Mortgage can be used for Purchase.

Put down 75 to a 100 grand and never make a payment again!
That is the power of a reverse mortgage purchase
This was posted on my retirement blog recently and since many beach loving homeowners are retirees it falls nicely into place here on "Coastal Living".

The Reverse Mortgage has been around for quite awhile but many people are unaware that the FHA has made them very viable and affordable in recent years. Early reverse mortgages were burdened with outrageously high fees that made them a poor option for nearly everyone. The feds however cracked down on the less desirable practices and the result is a fabulous opportunity to get paid for living in your own house.

The ideal situation for a reverse mortgage for the retiree looking to downsize that giant house that the kids were raised in. Let's say a homeowner is 62 years old and lives in a house that is worth $300,000 and has a debt owed of $150,000. That homeowner can sell the house and walk with roughly $130,000 in cash. Options include buying a smaller house valued at say $225,000 and putting $100,000 down and making a small payment for the next 30 years which is likely the rest of his life.

What if he were to take that $130,000 profit and put it down on a reverse mortgage for a nice smaller but upscale home valued at $260,000. Now that homeowner has a nicer home say in Fairway Village and instead of making payments to the bank the he lives in the house free of charge until he dies. Each month interest is added to the principle balance.

After the reverse mortgage is over the bank will sell the home. If the home clears more money than is owed after the owner dies, his estate will receive the remaining proceeds. If the balance owed is higher than the proceeds the bank takes that as a loss and no action is due on the part of the heirs.

These programs are not for everyone, but for many they are ideal. Any person nearing the age of 62 should sit down with a qualified reverse mortgage professional and take a look at the options. Although the cost of doing a reverse mortgage is much better than it used to be, they are still a bit more expensive than a traditional loan.

I have seen many happy folks retire right here in the great state of Washington with a reverse mortgage and cash to spend on the things you are supposed to do when you retire. Relax, travel and have fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is Your View a Forever View?

I wrote an article on my Realtor page about views and the value of a forever view versus that of a fleeting view. Along the gorgeous Washington Coast a view is often a big part of properties listed for sale. I feel this article still has merit for the "Coastal Living" blog despite being more focused on Clark County.

Give it a read by following the link below.

Real Estate with Realtor Rod Sager: Fancy a View? Find a Forever View:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beachfront Property is so Alluring

Photo from RMLS
There is just something magical about a beachfront home. In past articles on this blog I have shown properties across a variety of price ranges even the $100k range right on the beach. Today I found a 2,800 square foot home situated on more than 3/4 of an acre right at the feet of the mighty Pacific Ocean. This Ocean Park home is listed on the MLS for $545,000. It is by no means an inexpensive home, but compared to its brethren on the Oregon Coast just a few miles south, it is a bargain. I continue to remain amazed at the shear value offered to buyers on the Washington Coast. There is nearly an acre of ground fronting the largest body of water on Earth. This home is spacious, nicely appointed although not overly luxurious. It offers high vaulted ceilings with lots of glass to take in that gorgeous ocean view. 

Photo from RMLS
I write another blog; Retire to Washington and I often tie in our amazing coastal value to posts on that blog. The coast is after all ideally suited for retirees. The weather is more consistent, lacking the hot weather often found inland and perhaps more importantly less frequent snowfall. Retirees need not commute into work so that is completely off the table. Everything you need is right there in town. 
Come out and visit Washington's somewhat less famous coast and see for yourself just how wonderful it is. While you are there take a peek around at some real estate. You can find some outstanding values on property you may have thought was unattainable. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Long Beach Razor Clam Festival

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
It's Back! Yes the classic Razor Clam Festival is back in Long Beach. Clamming has long been a favorite past time on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest and the Long Beach Razor Clam Festival has roots dated back to the 1940s.

The community has teamed up with private sponsors and the State Department of Fish and Wildlife to put on a great big festival April 19th and 20th. Check out the website for the event here.

The Southwest Washington Coast is a great place to visit and a fabulous place to live. I have spent many a word writing about the great value afforded to property in this Long beach Peninsula market and now could be an ideal time to buy your dream getaway home or retirement home in tax friendly Washington State.

Whatever you fancy, get out to the coast and check out the Razor Clam Festival starting on the 19th.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Condos at the Coast

Photo from RMLS public site.
One you get right down to it there are three basic residential property owners at the coast. Full time residents, most of which are retired, Vacation home owners, and investors that either rent to full time residents or rent to vacationers.

For many people the idea of owning a getaway vacation home at the coast is the stuff of dreams and folly. But we have this unique opportunity happening along the Southwest Washington coast that makes that silly dream a very potential reality.

I pulled a couple of current condo listings in Long Beach, WA and found some wonderful opportunities. I found a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo as close to the beach as possible listed for just $99,000. There is full time on site management and the HOA pays everything except the electric bill. There is a two bedroom one and a half bath unit at $149,000 and a 2-2 at $159,000.

That little one bedroom unit would make a great retreat property for an empty next couple. This particular condo complex sits on a whooping 24 acres with just the four buildings and lots of sand dunes and trails to go along with that direct beach access.

The finances on this are not too bad at all. If you put down 20% ($19,800) then add in the PITI (principle, interest, taxes and insurance) and HOA for a monthly payment of around $875. I realize that this still is a healthy contribution from the monthly budget, but it is clearly within reach for many people including a fair number that "think" it requires the magic of the Fairy Godmother.

If these numbers are still out of reach, the idea of going in with partners and sharing the use of the space is a possible solution. There are potential problems with a sharing arrangement but they can be overcome with planning and written agreements. Splitting this between four groups makes the space very available for all parties to get more than ample use out of the property and reduces the cost to less than most timeshares on the Oregon coast offering a lousy two weeks a year! Between four the number work out to $4950 each as a down payment and just $220 a month each. This would leave each family with 13 weeks a year to stay in the unit. That is far more vacation time than most people take!

All said this is a small unit measure in at just 655 square feet. But that is still quite a bit bigger than most hotel suites and it has a full kitchen and dedicated parking. The condo offers the advantage of management of the grounds and structure and that can be important for those not living full time on the property.

There are many golden opportunities on our beautiful Washington Coast. all you have to do is look and you may surprise yourself with a gift from the Fairy Godmother.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fort Canby and Cape Disappointment State Park

The Town of Ilwaco Washington sits at the very base of the Long Beach Peninsula. Right in the heart of the town is the former Fort Canby State park, now called Cape Disappointment State Park. This is a really nice park located on the north shore of the mouth of the Columbia River and the southern reaches of the Long Beach Peninsula.

The park features the Colbert House museum, In Ilwaco which is a restored Victorian era home listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center with an amazing perch overlooking the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.

Two of the best known features are the lighthouses. Cape Disappointment Lighthouse first lit in 1856 and its companion the North Head Lighthouse added to cover the Norther approach and first lit in 1898. Of course the park has no shortage of great hiking trails and scenic wonders along with camping, picnic area and the usual assortment of State Park activities.

This park is part of the greater Lewis and Clark National Historical Park with state and national facilities in both Oregon and Washington.

History excerpted from Wikipedia:

In 1862, during the American Civil War, a camp called Post at Cape Disappointment was established and fortifications existed here from that date to protect the northern approaches to the mouth of the Columbia River from possible attacks by Confederate raiders or foreign fleets. It was garrisoned by Company A, U.S. 9th Infantry Regiment and Company A, 8th Regiment California Volunteer Infantry in the District of Oregon. In 1863, its mate Fort Stevens was established on the south bank of the Columbia River. In 1864, the post was renamed Fort Cape Disappointment. Some Civil War-era fortifications still exist. They were called the Tower (or Right) Battery, Left Battery, and Center Battery.
Fort Cape Disappointment was renamed Fort Canby in 1875. Later Fort Canby became part of the three fort Columbia River harbor defenses as a subpost of Fort Stevens along with Fort Columbia.

This is a must visit when out at the coast and a great getaway spot for the locals as well.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Drive on the Beach at Least Once in Your Life

From the Long Beach City Website
How many states can boast that they have a state hwy that is not just on the beach but IS the beach! Washington is one such state that can make that claim. Driving on Long Beach is not as easy as it seems. Often the entrances have loose sand that cars with low clearance can easily get stuck in. Once you are past the soft sand at the entrance is is pretty easy to drive on the hard packed sand closer to the water. As mentioned above this is an official state highway and that mean troopers will write you a ticket for exceeding the 25 mph speed limit or any reckless driving. They are quite serious about it and the fine are HUGE so drive safe.

Driving on the beach. Circa 2006
There is much to do in Long Beach. Adults and children alike can enjoy this great coastal retreat. The best part about it is the ability to purchase your own home to live in or vacation at for a reasonably price.

You can check out this website info about the Long Beach Peninsula and driving on the beach here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ocean Park Dreams

 Last week I mentioned in the welcome post that there is amazing opportunity to own beach property in Southwest Washington for prices well within reach of middle class citizens. Today I would like to talk about a home that recently sold in Ocean Park.

This amazing property features nearly 1800 square feet of living space as close to the beach as is possible. You can see the trail from the backyard patio right out onto the sands that touch the biggest body of water on this planet. This home was a nice clean, move in ready property with easy and quick access to the beach and it sold for just $300,000. The features lots of glass and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean crashing on the shores of the beach just a few hundred feet away!

This type of home right on the beach on the Oregon Coast would easily cost twice to thrice as much. Here in the great state of Washington, dreams can come true.

Ocean Park is right smack in the middle of the Long Beach Peninsula. Long Beach has been billed as the longest drive-on oceanfront beach in the world. Although some may refute it's biggest in the world status it is an amazing 28 miles of drivable beach. The beach is actually designated as a State Hwy. The Long Beach Peninsula is a skinny piece of ground that juts northward from the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. To the west is the Pacific Ocean and that famous beach. To the east is the Willapa Bay. The peninsula ranges between one and two miles wide and is roughly 30 miles in length. Beginning at Ilwaco and terminating at Leadbetter Point State Park this peninsula provides both ocean front and bay front living and your never far from either.

Imagine owning your own home at the beach. There are opportunities to own property less than a 1/4 mile from the beach and under $100,000.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I would like to welcome you to the new Evergreen Coastal Living blog. This blog will bring you exciting information about Washington State's amazing coastal living opportunities. Our great state offers fantastic coastal living in warm and friendly beach communities at a fraction of the price you'd pay just a few miles south on the Oregon Coast.

When coupled with the superior economic conditions for retirees in Washington State our coast is the best ocean side location in America!

Whether you want a chance to own that dream getaway vacation property or settle down in retirement on the shores of the Mighty Pacific, the Evergreen State has you covered.

Check back frequently or better yet subscribe to this blog and enjoy updates and information on Evergreen Coastal Living.