Tuesday, March 3, 2020

State Parks Galore

Did you know that SIX state parks reside in Pacific County on the Long Beach Peninsula Area? That's a fair number and from the mouth of the mighty Columbia up the peninsula to Leadbetter you can dive into the wilds of nature or wonder at the historical buildings of Cape Disappointment and Fort Columbia. There's more to an outing at the coast than a walk on the beach.

Check out the six parks at the beach.

  • Cape Disappointment
  • Fort Columbia
  • Leadbetter Point
  • Pacific Pines
  • Loomis Lake
  • Willie Keils Grave

March is here and soon the weather will turn the corner to spring. For now it is still a bit of winter but sunny days are ahead with late evening sun. Next month the Razor Clam Festival returns so keep your calendar clear.