Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Triple Digits Inland Equals Big Crowds at the Beach

Holy skin bake, Batman; the heat is on in Metro Portland-Vancouver. Four days of temps playing in the triple digits means thousands will flee the apocalypse to the coast. As if us city dwellers didn't already have enough reason to "escape", these rare high temps will push us by the gazillions towards the great Pacific Ocean.

Ah yes my friends, when the solar furnace overloads inland it generally creates wonderful summer weather at the coast with temps gliding gently into the 80s and the possibly a rogue 90 mark. That is typical weather for Portland-Vancouver but atypical for the beach.

For those who make the Oregon or Washington coast their full-time home, these heatwaves inland can create a bit of a disturbance locally. This is particularly the case for the Long Beach Peninsula which doesn't have quite as much tourist traffic as the Oregon Coast, but during the heat waves the whole coast will be flooded with those seeking refuge from an angry version of 'El Sol'.

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Enjoy the beach this week.