Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Autumn Smacks the Inland Spares the Coast

This past week the inland areas around Portland and Vancouver got a full smack upside the head with some naughty Fall weather. The temps plunged and the rain and hail came with some damaging effects. Meanwhile out at the coast, it was sunny and nice.

This is the case with the coastal regions in the Pacific Northwest during both Autumn and Winter. It can be socked in cold, rainy or snowy, and dark in Portland or Vancouver while the coast is relatively warm and sunny.

The maestros of meteorology can explain the forces that lead to this phenomenon, but it is a thing. Autumn along Washington's coast can be delightful and often just as warm as summer. The heavy marine layer sometimes moves offshore during the fall allowing for clear and warmish weather. Meanwhile inland temps generally start their precipitous march to the basement from the mid fall to mid winter.

Along the coast there is not as dramatic a swing in temps between the seasons as we have on the I-5 corridor. The Pacific Ocean is a moderating force that keeps most of the bitter cold temps away in the winter as well as the scorching heat of the summer.

Autumn can be a great time to get away to the beach with mild temps, sometimes warmer than inland and at least until mid October, not a lot of rain.

The beach is not just a summer experience, it will impress all year long.