Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beach House Deals!

I have two ends of the spectrum for today's look at beach house deals! I saw one listing for a small detached house just a block from the beach, priced at a modest $100,000. I also saw another gorgeous beachfront home quite nicely appointed all things considered, at a reasonable $519k. These are just two of the sweet beach house deals I saw on the MLS this morning.

Starting on the bargain end of things, The listing at $100k is a pretty small home. 576 square feet with two bedrooms and a 3/4 bath. But the home is less than a block from the beach entrance! What a great opportunity for a getaway home! It is situated on a 100x50 foot lot, which is a classic city lot. I still find it hard to believe that one can buy a house a block from the beach for a hundred grand.
It may not look like much but there are many cars that people buy that cost more than this little house and it's practically on the beach. This could be the family getaway or an investment opportunity.

This one is located in the Klipsan Beach area on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park, WA.

I love great deals and this is certainly a fabulous bargain.

The next home I found interesting was this 2789 square foot home backing to the beach! This lot is 55 feet wide and goes all the way to mean high tide. You own a piece of the Pacific Coastline and the lot is 452 feet deep. This home features three bedrooms and one full bath and a couple of 3/4 baths and a half bath. This home is also in Ocean Park, WA on the Long Beach Peninsula.

This could be a full time house for someone looking to live the Coastal Dream. Or it could be an investment as an upscale beach house rental. I like it because it is priced well. Listed at just $519,000 it is a relative value.  

Look at the huge wrap around deck looking out over the mighty Pacific Ocean. A nice 55 foot wide lot and a 400 foot trail through the dunes to the beach all yours!

The Washington Coast continues to offer an amazing value in beach front property and if you have always dreamed of living at the coast or having a getaway vacation property, now is as good as ever to grab a deal at the beach.

Although I write this blog for fun beach info, I am a licensed Realtor® in Washington State and would be happy to deliver information on these and other listings on the coast.