Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pacific County Enters Phase 2

The beaches of the Long Beach Peninsula have been authorized by the governor to enter Phase 2 of the COVID-19 response. This means that restaurants and some pubs can partially open. This should be good for the communities along the coast that are so reliant on visitors for the economy. I would recommend taking a trip to the coast and enjoying those tasty treats offered. Be sure to follow the guidelines set forth regarding social distancing and face masks and such.

So this is good news and hopefully we can lick this messy disease for the summer and let the doctors and scientists figure out how to corral it for next fall when it will almost certainly return for another go round.

There will not be many large events if at all this summer but the coast may be delightfully quiet this summer offering a more sedated and relaxing opportunity for travelers and day trippers. For those Jonesing for a beachfront property to own, the real estate market is still open for business and there could be strong values for those willing to look around.

Be it fun in the sun with the crashing surf or looking for a new home, the beach is open again :)