Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hello June!

Yes it is in fact June and the beach is starting to feel a little more of that late spring warmth. This hasn't exactly been a scorcher this spring, but June is the gateway to summer and summer at the beach means nice mild temperatures. When the thermometer starts to bust up into the upper eighties and nineties inland, the coast is a wonderful retreat for those of us that like a cooler temperature range.

There is much to do at the beach in the summertime and of course while you are visiting take a look at the local real estate scene.

Long Beach has a professional fireworks display on the 4th of July at the Long Beach Boardwalk but allows the use of amateur fireworks up and down a 28 mile stretch of the beach on the 4th. That is one of those bucket list things you just gotta do. Vancouver, Washington has always been a crazy zoo on the 4th but the city has tightened rules on fireworks so if you want a wild and crazy display of patriotic enthusiasm, the beach is the ticket to the hottest fireworks show around.

Below is some video from a drone a couple of years back. Drone footage credited on the Long Beach City website here.