Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Golf Living at the Beach

Many people like to golf and who doesn't want a house on the golf course? Surfside Golf Course on the Long Beach Peninsula has a whole community of of homes around it including this one listed at $165,000. 2 beds and a den on the golf course and just a few blocks from the mighty Pacific Ocean?

That's the stuff of dreams right there. The Southwest Washington Coast offers the opportunity to own a home for a very reasonable price as it has been somewhat sheltered from the puffed up pricing in the Portland and Seattle area real estate markets.

Right now interest rates remain very low, but more and more economists are coming to the conclusion that these historic low rates will begin creeping up as early as this spring. Now could be the golden moment of opportunity to secure and piece of the beach for a low price with a really low interest rate. One could keep it as a vacation home then retire in it when ready to settle down. Knock, knock... who's there? Opportunity... Opportunity who? Just opportunity, no joke.