Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beach Deals!

Long Beach, WA $149,900
Every now and again I like to find some great deals on beach property. I have invested a fair number of keystrokes on this blog in the idea that property on the Washington State coast may be the greatest value on the planet. Sure, like any coastal area with gorgeous scenery there will be million dollar mansions but the Long Beach peninsula offers a range of prices that allow even the more modest earners and opportunity to live or play at the beach.

I have two listings I found on the MLS that I think represent a great opportunity to own a coastal property. Neither of these listings are fancy by any measure, but they are very good deals. Imagine living within a five minute walk of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Every morning you get up crack the window and hear the thunderous sound of crashing waves. In most instances to own property in this environment is the stuff reserved for the likes or Gates or Buffett. But not these my friends these are within reach of the middle class and better yet they are within reach of the beach!

Long Beach, WA $176,000
The first property is listed at a mere $149,900. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside, this home has three bedrooms and one bath spread among 1632 square feet of space. The house lies the equivalent of six blocks to the beach. Six blocks! The home is located in Long beach and is close to the main hwy and all the fun activities and shopping as well as the famed Long Beach itself. The price includes two lots totaling 0.19 acres. it is in decent shape and can be lived in right away. It may be a bit dated but we are talking about six blocks to the ocean and less than $150k. That gets a big fat WOW!

The second property is even closer to the beach. This one is just a couple of blocks away. This is a townhouse unit with an HOA that is just $110 a month. It was built in 2006 so this is modern and frankly very nice. Here you get 1571 squares two bedrooms and two and half baths. From this property you can walk right down a path to the sea or go the other way and walk a couple blocks to play a round of golf at Peninsula Golf Course. All of this at an amazing price of just $176,000. I love the Washington Coast, I really do.

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