Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beat the Heat at the Beach!

That has been a running theme all summer long this year. The Oregon and Washington coast is relatively cool when the mercury is popping the top inland. Last week when I had my first triple digit heat in nearly three years, Pearson Field in Vancouver hit 103 degrees. Long Beach was a comfortable 86 degrees that day!

For full time residents the coast provides a cool summer with temps that tend to stay in the 60s and 70s by day with ocean breezes and some lows clouds and fog. In a nutshell it's just damn pleasant! Look at that July calendar of weather for Long Beach, WA.

We may not be able to swim in that icy cold North Pacific water, but we can sure as heck enjoy the cool refreshing air it provides along our gorgeous coastline. Wifey and I are going to hang out next week and soak up a cool summer's breeze. You should too!

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