Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Coastal Cottages still a Value!

The Long Beach Peninsula continues to offer an amazing beach experience for a price within reach of the middle class. I write about it a lot because this is not a fixed opportunity. The market may not always offer up this kind of value.

This adorable bay side beach house is listed at just $129k
Recently my sister and brother-in-law joined the ranks of the beach crowd, buying a modest mobile home in very nice condition on the north end of the peninsula. This lovely home is situated on 1.27 acres and offers privacy and beauty. It is about a five minute drive to crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean or to the gentle shores of the Willapa Bay. They were looking in the 150-180k range and found a number of opportunities. In the end they decided a mid peninsula location with a larger lot was preferred over a smaller 'city' lot closer to the shore.

Make no mistake friends, they had lots of options and even viewed a classic beach house style cottage with a view of Willapa Bay! There were a few cottages just a few blocks to the beach and all fell into their modest price point.

The beach is attainable and who doesn't like the beach, seriously?

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