Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Snow at the Coast!

Photo by Montel Graves
Southwest Washington doesn't get a whole lot of low elevation snow with a couple of incidents a year on average typically delivering 6-12 inches a year. The beach however averages more like an inch or so per year and that typically comes in an every few years event. Sunday and yesterday was one such  event. My sister lives at the coast and she provided some pictures of the rare winter wonderland at the beach.

This system that came through clipped the coastline from Northern Oregon up through the Olympic Coast but inland it more or less missed the Portland Metro which only got a light dusting in the valleys. Seattle on the other hand got a much bigger shot of snow with a few inches clogging up the Pacific Northwest's largest metro area.

There is something magical about snow on the coast. Out here on western side of North America we don't get a lot of coastal snow even in the northern reaches. The onshore flow and relatively warm ocean waters create a very mellow climate. So when a good old fashioned snow dump does happen it is really special. The crashing waves splashing up against a snowy beach rather than the usual sand is awesome.

Photo by Montel Graves
Temperatures at the coast were unusually chilly as well and this morning dropped well below freezing. It is possible another round of light snow may mix in with rain at the end of the week. Inland in places like Portland and Seattle, more snow is likely.

Keep it toasty inside this week, the moderating effects of the Pacific are off duty and the beach will get a special look at inland style winter temps. Isn't that snow pretty :)

Photo by Montel Graves

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