Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Coast Has Busy Summer Schedule

Coastal areas definitely pack the bulk of scheduled activities and events into the brief summer envelope. The Long Beach Peninsula is no exception. In fact you can check out the events agenda on the web by clicking here. I do wonder how many people go to the beach to escape the inland heat only to find what a great value real estate is on the Southwest Washington Coast.

I have posted a great many listings on this site with fabulous deals on spectacular homes right down to cute little cottages and all for a fraction of what similar properties might cost in the Metro Portland-Vancouver area.

I can't stop recommending the fun things to do on the Long Beach Peninsula and I won't stop reminding you that there are excellent values on property as well.

I have spent a great deal of time showing move-in ready stuff, but what about that crazy fixer opportunity? Take a look at this.

NWMLS #1462742
$55,000 for this rough but still standing little cottage on a 6100 square foot lot. One can throw $20-$30k into this little charmer and suddenly you have a livable place for may $80,000.

This heavy fixer is located off Sandridge Road on the bay side of the peninsula. I would imagine anyone that buys this place and fixes it up is going to be nominated for neighbor of the year ;)

For someone living at the coast already this could be a great little rental unit with some fix up work and for someone looking to getaway on the cheap, this could be excellent as well.

There is no sugar coating this, it is a heavy fixer, but the price is so cheap and the potential is pretty high. I would figure that $30,000 spent in repairs makes this a $85,000 investment with an easy $125k resale. Just sayin'

OK enough of that, the coast is entering into its boom time for tourists and that means some of the biggest events of the year are now on the near horizon. One of my favorites is the 'Rod Run to the End of the World' which is the first week of September. But on the near side of the Calendar is the famous 4th of July on the beach at Long Beach and that is just a few short weeks away.

Make this year the year you look at the opportunity to own property at the coast or better yet, dive in.

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