Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Still a Value in Pacific County

The Long Beach Peninsula continues to offer home buyers excellent value. This home is listed on the MLS at $255k and has 2 beds, 2 baths and 1024 SF. You can walk to the sea in a matter of a couple of minutes from this one!

There are dozens of available homes in and along the Long Beach Peninsula and several neighborhoods are a short walk to the beach.

I sold my sister a place in Oysterville last summer and she loves it out there. The beach just has that effect on people. Whether its the salty breeze, the crashing waves, or the whole beach town vibe, the peninsula is hard to beat on price and its a nice place too.

Maybe you fancy a condo on the beach. Here is a small unit right at the beach entrance listed at $135k. It has a bed and a bath with 395 squares. What more do you need?

Be sure to check into all the fine detail before making a purchase at the coast. Like any area it has its own quirks and local-isms to be aware of.

For many a beach property is the stuff of dreams, well Long Beach makes those dreams doable, and that's OK with me.

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