Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Retire to the Beach!

I write a retirement blog in which I offer advice and information to retirees looking to relocate to Washington State. That blog can be seen here. In that blog you can find a multitude of reasons to retire to the 'Evergreen State'.

Many retirees also find coastal areas to be a desirable spot to live. Many of the reasons that younger people can't really live on either the Oregon or Washington Coast is the lack of non-tourist cities. There isn't a whole lot of industry producing jobs on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. There is the fishing industry and the tourist industry providing the bulk of job opportunities. Retirees however are not typically concerned with job opportunities, after all, they are 'retired' right?

The lack of high paying jobs along the Southwest Washington Coast has aided in keeping real estate prices lower than Portland-Vancouver as the bulk of sales is to retirees and vacation home purchases. Retirees are often attracted to value home pricing as they tend to seek low monthly expenses on a fixed retirement income.

The coast is a beautiful place that offers year round moderate weather. In fact Long Beach, Washington only averages about 1-2 inches of snow per year about 1/5 the average for Vancouver, Washington or Portland, OR. Generally in most years there is no sticking snow at the beach. There are occasional storms that are chilly enough to dump a pile of snow and that creates a measurable average. Generally snow by year looks something like 0,0,0,0,7,0,0... When it does snow it doesn't stick around very long. The coast is just too warm for sustained snow cover. generally retirees prefer warmer and little or no snow and in the Pacific Northwest, the coast delivers.

Retiring the the Southwest Washington Coast is a very good idea. Value pricing on real estate, gorgeous coastal scenery, and mild weather. What's not to love?

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